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#EASY.CUP 5v5 #3 written by homar, 2009-12-20 17:36 CET (1 comments)

#EASY.CUP 5v5 #3

Site: http://easycup.tourney.cc [easycup.tourney.cc]
Admins: hoMaR / Dyal / Twikii

DATE: 22-12-2009
Size: 5v5

Start 21h30 CET
Check IN 21h20 CET

Here starts a new one day cup with the particularity of having 2 new maps : Haemar and Coast, plus delivery (and supply as a decider).
The size of the cup is 5v5 and it will start Tuesday @21h30.

Rules :
» Global5 config WITH PB!
» All players have to record demos
» No trickplant/bug abuse
» Cointoss' winner at the start of the match will pick the side he wants (allied or axis)
» At least 1 month old ET or PB-Guid
» If the team asked for demos and opponent dont have them, team wins by forfeit.
» At least one member of each competing team has to be on #EASY.CUP channel.
» If a Team plays with a banned Player, the team will be out of cup.
» Side is allowed for every maps for both sides.

TimeTable :
» 1st Haemar_10 or 11 (will see, only a10 is available yet)
» 2nd Coast_b1
» 3rd Delivery
» Final: Haemar_a10/a11 => Decider : Supply

Download links :
Haemar: http://dyalhenauss.forumactif.net/haemar-f6/haemar-telechargement-download-t21.htm [dyalhenauss.forumactif.net]
Coast: http://reveal.eicher.tv/dl/coast_b1.pk3 [reveal.eicher.tv]
#1 written by Anonymous (Laicee), 8 years, 6 months ago
Hey, sbtule must be your middle name. Great post!
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